The Growth Throughout my years in GAP

When I just join GAP, I was not very sure on how well i can draw, how well i can paint, how well i can do clay,etc. At then, we the sessions just began, i felt rather uncertain about my skills after seeing how well my other classmates can draw and paint. I began to feel stress. But, I should not be. Ultimately, I joined GAP because I have an interest towards art and also because I wanted to improve my skills. I do not want my interest, passion and ‘talent’ to go to waste. I wanted to have a whole new experience on how art will be like. Hence, I began to embark on this “adventure” that changes my life entirely. (ok maybe not so much)

WE started out with drawing 25 drawings in the first lesson, allowing Mrs Tan to roughly gauge each of our standards. I remember myself panicking over drawing 25 drawings when I realised that all I need to do was to take a step back and enjoy the process of drawing. Later on, I remembered going onto this exhibition where we have to draw 2 drawings on any 2 figures. Then, we began on our lifeskills camp t-shirt design, drawing different textures(eg. wood, glass, ice, etc), trying out different styles of drawing, embarking on a shoe project, starting on our block test preparation (microorganism thing)… I remember at those point of time, I still could not very well control my mediums. My pencil drawings lack of skills such as inaccurate proportion, shading, little contrast. (as can probably be seen in previous posts) In general, my drawings lack many things and is not appealing to the audience.

Later on in the year, we began on our world peace flag banner. There, I attempted to paint the final bannerĀ  with acrylic. It was one of the first few times I painted acrylic. Hence, I do not feel very confidence about painting my final. Luckily, I mananged to got help from Mrs Tan who had taught my some basic skills when using acrylic. And so I completed my world peace flag banner. I think that it looks ok but there are always room for improvement.

Later in the year, we started on our End-of-Years Examination prep work. I attempted to improve my drawing skills, following Mrs Tan’s advice on showing more contrast in my shading. Hence, my drawing improved alot since the day I started our in GAP. In fact, I could not help but laugh at the way I draw last time. So in the final piece, I decided to use a more familiar medium, rather than using something that I am not very sure about, which is pencil.

At the end of the year, we did clay and I realised that I lack stability! Also in the holidays, we were told to pick up another medium so i tried watercolour, experimenting how to use it. However, sadly, till now I have not got a chance to really try out how watercolour is like. And so time pass, and soon it is this year.

This year, we have been doing coursework and only coursework. so in my research i did quite a few pencil drawings and one colour pencil drawing. I am glad that I can actually draw dogs quite well! (: In my final work, I did 4 pieces of painting using acrylic and found out that I could actually paint!

Throughout these 2 years, I have developed from someone who does not know how to draw and paint into someone who realises her potential in painting and drawing. Also, taking up GAP made a huge difference in my life as I have to get used to spending lots and lots of time drawing and painting. I remember me once grumbling on how I am I going to cope with all these when life in sec 3 is much more busy. Well, in the end I did cope with it. I guessed that through this process, I managed to evolve into a person who can better manage time as compared to before. I grown alot in these 2 years – regardless of the maturity of thinking and artwork . Although I think I would not take up ART in JC, I hope that I will continue to paint and draw, explore new mediums, and constantly improve myself in my “artistic career”. (:

-* Ying Yun 2009 September


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Coursework: inspirations from artwork 3

As I am doing on dog abuse, I began to look for pictures which shows abuse/ injure. Happen to remember about Vincent Van Gogh self-portrait with his ear severed.



Title: Vincent Van Gogh Self Portrait
Artist: Vincent Van Gogh
Year: 1889

Vincent Van Gogh suffered severe setback in December 1889. He cut of his ear during a seizure on 24 December 1888. Throughout his life, Van Gogh had been troubled by mental issues.


After seeing Van Gogh’s painting, I painted another one with similar style replacing van gogh with a beagle.



Title: Vincent Van Dog
Year: 2009 July
Size: A3
Medium: Acrylic

I chose Van Gogh’s piece as it can represent physical abuse on dogs. I replaced the man with the beagle with a bandaged ear, showing that the dog has been abused and injured. Hence, going with my theme.

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Coursework- inspirations from artwork 4

The last piece in which I got my inspiration from was an artwork by Salvador Dali:

woman at the window


Title: Woman at the Window
Artist: Salvador Dali
Year: 1925
Size: 41 x 29 inches

Salvador Dali is a realist painter. His favourite subject was his own mad dream and fantasy world.

Here is my own dog version:



Title: Dog at the Window
Year: 2009 August-September
Size: A3
Medium: Acrylic

I chose this art piece as it represents loneliness. The woman looking at the beautiful scenery, seeming as though she is lonely. I replaced the woman with a dog. Hence naming it Dog at the Window.

This artwork signifies that the dog is lonely and ‘caged’ at home. It longed to play outside, to go the beautiful scene outside and to be free.

This work is one of my best painting I had ever done in my life so far. It was through this painting that I got to understand and realised that I can paint! (:

(Oh the dog there was my dog. No my dog was not abused. I just made my dog sit there because apparently it is very difficult to find a picture of a dog back facing us on the net. )

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Coursework- inspirations from artwork 1

In the process of my coursework, I was impressed by Marcel Duchamp’s work on expressing movement. Though at the beginning, it took me quite a while to figure out how the person is actually descending the stairs.

Nude descending a staircase


Title: Nude Descending a Staircase
Artist: Marcel Duchamp
Year: 1912
Size: 58″ x 35″

This artwork depicts the mechanistic motion of a nude. Superimposed facets, similar to motion pictures depicting successive movements of a single body. Duchamp was the first to attempt to paint something in motion, provoking a significant controversy at that time.


After that seeing Duchamp’s work, I replaced the person with a dog:



Title: Dog Descending a Staircase
Year: 2009 June
Size: A3
Medium: Acrylic

I chose the Nude Descending a Staircase as it can be representative of a dog running down a staircase, always excited to welcome its owner. This signifies dogs’ faithfulness and this make people reflect if they really treat them the same way dogs have treated them.

I have quite a difficult time painting this picture as the picture itself is already abstract. Transforming something abstract to another abstract which should be identical in way seems to be difficult for me. This is not the best I can do, but I feel there’s nothing much I can do too.

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Coursework- inspirations from artwork 2

Another work that I was inspired and used during my coursework period was MC Escher’s Cystal Ball:

mc escher crystal ball


Title: Self portrait in Crystal Ball
Artist: MC Escher
Year: 1960s

Again, I replaced the character with a dog:



Title: Curiousity kills the dog
Year: 2009 September
Size: A3
Medium: Acrylic

I chose this work by escher because i think it can depict a dog’s curiousity and cuteness. I used this composition to show that the dog is left in the house and was not given any opportunity to go out and interact with the works outside. As the dog explore the house, it chanced upon this crystal ball. Hence, it also show its curiousity as it looks in.

I named it curiousity kills the dog as this curiousity and cuteness often caused people to buy them without thinking whether they have the ability to. Hence, abusing the dog in one way or another.

The orange background acts as a contrast, making the crystal ball stand out more. Also, gradient can be made which such colours, allowing the piece to look more pleasant.

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Coursework: Postcard design. (BACK)


For my coursework final, I have decided to do postcards to educate the public. This is so as postcards are passed around frequently hence being able to raise awareness of more people on the issue of animal abuse.

So below shows my postcard design exploration on my prep board:


Post card Exploration

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Coursework: Prep Work 09

Brief Description of Coursework 09: ANIMAL ABUSE:

For my courserwork, I am doing on animal abuse. Before I switched my topic from Movement and Rhythm to Animal abuse, I started off with doing Animal Issues. It branches out into 4 different catergories – animal abuse, animal experimentation, extinction and diseases caused my animals. I decided to focus on Animal Abuse as I feel alot for this issue and hope to create an awareness of animal abuse in the public.

Here are my prep boards:


Prep Board 01: Mindmap, Animal abuse articles, Abuse story

DSC03297 - Copy

Enlarged Mindmap


Prep Board 02 : Dog Life


Prep Board 03: Duchamp’s work, Movement


Prep Board 04: Putting Together.


Prep Board 05: Salvador Dali work exploration


Prep Board 06: Vincent Van Gogh Work Exploration


Prep Board 07: MC Escher Work Exploration

So that is basically what my coursework preparation was about! (: ITS OVER!

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