OPEN HOUSE posters

In the OPEN HOUSE 2008, I was in the poster commitee, in-charge of decorating posters!

below are some posters that i had made! 😀 For these designs, I drew them out and edited in the photoshop:D

First design:


Shows NP activities like camping, kayaking, shooting, recreation, hiking, outdoor cooking, etc.

Second design:

Part 2 of the first design. shows other activities!:D

Part 2 of the first design. shows other activities!:D

The first and second design shows activities that we do in NP! 😀 There is still the third and fourth design which is nothing much though…

Apart from the final designs, the below are some draft designs.

Draft Design 1

Draft design 1

Draft Design 2: (background only)

just the background though... xP

just the background though... xP

The draft designs are kind of colourful. However, it may not be attractive…. hence I redesigned other designs.

Well, that’s about it! hopefully these posters would help much in the publicity! 😀

-yingyun =D


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  1. 1

    liqiairgirl said,

    WOW. i saw those posters around in school, didn;t know you designed them.
    haha. Now i know.
    I like the first posters…perhaos you can make them more colourful to attract more attention, as well as to show the vibrant atmosphere in NPCC =)

  2. 2

    smileflower said,

    HELLO! 😀
    I like your ‘activity’ designs! the little figures are so cute, and i can see some resemblance to your uniform. But somehow i thought that the second design looked more attractive. I think it’s because the small cartoon figures are bigger and the colour is more varied (cos it’s got a RED fire) while the first design is largely green and blue and it’s rather crowded as there are more cartoon figures and are smaller. But anyway, job well done, I like it! 😀

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